duco., is a unit by Yuko Ohkoso(photographer) and Miho Odagiri(designer/illustrator). duco., makes from advertising to art works. duco., also works with talented artists from other fields, and tries to create new things.
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Yuko OHKOSO Exhibition『travel』
at"no tatami spot" THEATRE NATIONAL DE CHAILLOT (Paris)

I'll be a part of the exhibition in Paris called 'No Tatami
Spot'photos,music,motion pictures, sculptures,and performances by five Japanese artists,in January 2007.In this exhibition,key concept is 'journey'.Photos taken in Japan are shown in grand hoyer,and they give you different scenery is the sence of transportation.

Also,in an unused cloak,you can see my media-art diarly from France.If you turn the virtual pages of the moving book,daily-updated diarly,which consists of photos and sounds,along with words,is shown. All of these will give you the feeling of virtual experience of traveling.

※You can play mooving book'travel' at this website,too.
http://duco.jp/album.html (please turn the pages with mouse)

1, place du Trocade´ro 75116 Paris
BP 1007-16 75761 Paris Cedex 16

"no tatami spot"
tue-sat 19:00-20:15  sun 13:30-14:45


Shingetu-sai ("New Moon Festival"), Myohon-ji Temple, Kamakura, is an event by non-profit organization Root Culture. It's a mixture of live concerts, workshops for all ages, markets and exhibitions by Kamakura area artists, performers, and shops. This old great Myohon-ji Temple, usually quiet and full of greens, turned to be one stimulating spot during the event. "duco land" - a space of media-arts, movies, pictures, and embroidery, all produced by duco., - appeared in Hikigayatsu Kindergarten, an entrance of Myohon-ji Temple, and it became quite a fun space too.

"festival" is an interactive art in which the visitor's moving shadow figures are pasted down into the Myohon-ji Temple Illustrated Map. (program by Shinji Sasada, sound by Saburo Ubukata) As the visitors increase, so do the shadows in the Illustrated Map. A total of four hundred people came in two days during the event, and all those actions and dances by visitors became the parts of the art. Dancers danced aggressively. Children tried to make some characters by their bodies. Visitors had fun in their own ways that we couldn't even imagine. Each day, the Myohonji Illustrated-Map were fulfilled with people, and it naturally became a colorful and fun art. In addition, two movies(sound by ducoband) were presented in a tent, and a big pop-embroidered cloth covered the room. All these elements formed "ducoland."

*ducoband........duco +Yoshi Ohkoso
click for the movie

3.15-3.30.2006 "duco+kura"
studio acca "kura"(Onari-cho, Kamakura)

A 70-year-old storehouse in Onari-cho, Kamakura, was decided to be broken down, so we had this event "duco+kura exhibition" as the last event for the house.

We made the house as a pinhole camera, took black/white pictures of the garden, the main house, the neighber public bath, "Takino-yu," which also was to be broken down, all from the storehouse point of view. Also, 3-D movies for red-blue glasses were shown in the house. The soundtrack for this movies by ducoband was performed and recorded in the house too.


December.2005 "An Exhibition of Book Covers"
(Kyobashi, Tokyo)

An exhibition of book covers by various creators. duco., " Alter of duco " etc.

May.2005 "4 Directions #2"
PUNCTUM(Kyobashi, Tokyo)

An exhibition by four photographers. Yuko Ohkoso: " what is there " etc.

Jan.2005 "Tshirts as Media 2005"

By Miho Odagiri:

Photo by Yuko Ohkoso

November.2004 "KOOU.3"
Art Garden Kawasaki (Kawasaki, Kanagawa)
*[ KOOU ] ...... Exhibitions by a group of various artists. (irregularly assembled.)

-duco plus [ mooving book-apartment ] (media-art)
*duco plus......duco+Shinji Sasada(programer)

-Miho Odagiri "calender 2005" (etching works, etc.)

July.2004 "steps, #1#2"
studio acca "kura"(Onari-cho, Kamakura)

Yuko Ohkoso: photography and [ moving book-steps ](duco plus)


Dec.2003 "KOOU.2"
yamate234(Yamate, Yokohama)

Miho Odagiri (+Shinji Sasada)[ sonzaikan.2 ] (media-art)

Sep.2003 "KOOU.1"
Hokai-ji Temple , Kamakura

Miho Odagiri (+Shinji Sasada)[ sonzaikan.1 ] (media-art)


December.2003"eight million Gods"
omamori(Daikanyama, Tokyo)

Miho Odagiri Illustration Exhibitions
T-Shirts photo by Yuko Ohkoso

July 2003"lights"
BANA-BANA(Ohmachi, Kamakura)

Yuko Ohkoso Photo Exhibitions

April.2003"AIR POCKET"
GENBAGEN(Ohmachi, Kamakura)

Yuko Ohkoso Photo Exhibitions

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